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Elevate your brand beyond your competition

At EXCEL on the Web, we help companies achieve their short (needed it yesterday) and long-term marketing goals. Our integrated marketing services can help your company differentiate itself from your competitors and build equity in your brand. But how do you select which marketing services would make the biggest impact at your company?

Align the right marketing services with your goals
It might sound like Marketing 101, but this is a 'gentle reminder' to take a step back and make sure your hottest "to-do" (web site redesign, rebranding campaign, capabilities brochure, etc) is taking into consideration your ultimate marketing and business goals. Here's a quick list of the most common marketing objectives we hear to get those gears cranking:

  • We need to increase our credibility. Your prospects need to believe what you say, and need to believe in your company. The appropriate professional presence and message necessary to build credibility. (Consider branding services)
  • We need to generate more qualified leads. Many internet marketing agencies understand the importance of leads, but qualifying them is just as important. Our web site is our most important lead generator and it works like a charm. We got you reading this far, huh? (Consider SEO marketing services)
  • We need to build a newsletter list. Your mailing list can make or break your marketing campaigns and promotions. And many companies are still behind in building their own email marketing lists. Have you considered a whitepaper lead capture or web design services?
  • We need to increase brand awareness. Even the biggest companies have to work hard to keep their brand top of mind. (how many Apple commercials do you see a day?) Your future prospects need to not only be aware that you exist, but have a clear understanding about what makes you better. Identity and brand strategy services can help keep your brand in the forefront.
  • We need to educate prospects about our product or service. Do you have a complex idea or are you having trouble educating your audience on how your product or service works? We don't know your product (yet) and are a great fresh set of eyes and ears to ask the right questions to ensure your audience will understand the value of your product or service.